Thursday 9 July 2009

Sierra Leone Project - Mike Bangs, Fighting for Lives

The Republic of Sierra Leone is slowly making progress after a civil war that started in 1991 and lasted over 9 years. Over 2 million people were displaced during this war and tens of thousands were killed. The result of the nine year civil war was that the civilian populace of Sierra Leone became one of the poorest on earth.

The spread of malaria is a big problem in many African countries and Sierra Leone is no exception. Mosquito nets are seen by many, as the most practical and use-worthy method for reducing the spread of malaria.

Moreover, 25% percent of children do not receive education and in many districts, over half the schools are in very poor condition.

In July 2008, we pulled together to provide mosquito nets and education in Sierra Leone. We did this together with Light Upon Children's Poverty - UK Reg. No. 1134419 (Formerly A Beacon of Light). More specifically, nets were given to families with children and one year of education was paid for two homeless boys. This move marked the beginning of the Sierra Leone project, which we aim to develop further. Many thanks go to Mike Bangs, Cafe Agricola, Turku for his help with this work.

We have recently been contacted by one of the boys we are supporting with money for education! He recently took his final year exams and managed an average mark of 68%...WELL DONE! - see pictures below :