Friday 15 October 2010

Goal for Kenya 2010

100% of proceeds are intended for the Berur Street Kids Facility in Eldoret (founded in 2007 by a few inspiring Norweigen ladies) as well as potential refurbishment of a local school in a nearby village. Travel and accomodation is being covered by us (as always), the volunteers who are going there. Click "GIVE" in the box above to make a donation through paypal (you can chose a donation amount from 5 euros and above).

On our next visit to Kenya, we plan to put whatever funds we have into AT LEAST:

(a) Funding/part-funding (depending on how much we have) the purchase of one acre of land - estimated cost 8000€

(b) Taking 50 children and their caretakers for a special day trip to a National Park (incl. hiring buses, meals, entrance fee etc) - estimated cost is under 500€

(C) Purchase of foods and other daily necessitites - no estimated cost depends on what we have leftover

There is also the possibility that we get to help out with a local school that is in bad condition - if so, we will put all remaining funds into that.

While at the home we also intend to teach maths and english and engage in healthy activites with the children including, capoeira, acrobatics/gymnastics, music (if we can get some instruments), singing etc.

From martial arts events held in Finland and Birmingham (UK) AS WELL AS generous donations from academics at the university where I work, we have pulled together about 2000€.... will YOU help us reach a target of 10000€ before the end of the year? With 10000€ we can get the land, do the day trip, buy instruments, more books, foods etc...

Arrange any kind of event/collection and send the money to us via the widget above...or just make a donation yourself - you can also use this button for other amounts:

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We are about being the change we want to see for street kids and orphans... help us reach our goal!
Kindest regards