Sunday 5 June 2011

Adam Martin - Raw Combat International / Zi Ran Men Kung Fu - World Fighting for Lives Weekend 2011


Adam Martin began his martial arts training at the age of 12. His early focus centred on the japanese arts of goju kensha (hard soft style) and shotokan karate. His attention then shifted to the chinese martial arts studying wing chun kung fu in melbourne and later in the UK. He subsequently began training in Shaolin Kung Fu at the UK Shaolin Temple.

Adam travelled the world for the next few years continually training and learning new skills. His involvement in the hospitality industry at that time, invariably led him to the practice of close quarter combat, giving him a realistic approach to traditional martial arts practices.

In 2004 Adam returned to Melbourne and began his training under Master Liu Deming in Ziranmen, Cheng style Bagua Zhang and Liu He Tang Lang. In 2007 Adam began training in RAW Combat under Luke Holloway, training in Silat, Self-Protection, CQC, Knife Survival and Urban Survival.

Adam was made the Instructor (Shifu) of the Ziranmen Kung Fu Academy in 2010, graded to Black Sash First Duan in Zi Ran Men Kung fu, Cheng Bagua Zhang and Liu He Tang Lang.

In 2011 Adam became a certified instructor in RAW Combat and travelled to the US to become a certified NRA pistol and Rifle Instructor, a DTTC Tactical Firearms Instructor and certified GLOCK armourer,


It will be a 3 hour seminar covering the basics of Self-Protection, Close Quarter Combat and Knife Attack Survival. It will be a great introduction to those who want to start learning RAW Combat and an awesome training session for those want to build and expand their foundation and fighting abilities. The event will be taking place in our new Moorabbin Training Centre.


Zi Ran Men Shifu Black Sash Ist Duan
RAW Combat Instructor - Self-Protection, Close Quarter Combatives, Knife Survival, Urban Survival
NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun
NRA Instructor Pistol & Rifle
DTTC Tactical Firearms Instructor
DTTC Certified Glock Armourer
Working with Children Clearance
NCAS Level 1

EVENT Details:

Where: Level 1, 14-16 Station St Moorabbin, VIC
When: Saturday 12th November 10:00am - 1:00pm
Price: $45
Facebook link: