Saturday 25 June 2011

Shaun O Keefe - Dog House Self Protection - World Fighting for Lives Weekend 2011

Shaun O Keefe has been studying the Martial Arts since he was 8 Years old, starting with the Japanese Woda Ryu Karate Do System, although before this he trained from the age of 6 in Western Boxing, He has trained in various different art’s from countries all around the World, but he found his place in the Zhong Guo Wushu Fa/Chinese Martial Arts Methods of Pan Yat Fei Sifu, the man who took Shaun on as his disciple training him in all aspects of Chinese Martial Arts.  Shaun continues training the Yongchun Sanshou (Wing Chun Gung Fu) method of Pan Sifu, various methods of Taijiquan such as Chen, Sun, Wudang & some of the rare methods also.  But his main love is and always will be the Arts of Grascar Lamh/Irish Hand to Hand Combat, Yongchun Sanshou & Nanyang Fa/Southeast Asian Methods!

He developed the Dog House Self Protection Training Method after teaching people traditional arts over the last few years and working in security in Ireland & England in various Bars, Hotels & Clubs.  Dog House Self Protection uses simple easy to learn concepts and is based on the use of the correct body structure.  Some of the arts he draws upon are Yongchun Sanshou, Taiji, Kuntao, Escrima, Silat & various Western Arts.  The Dog House training methods are not writen in stone and are always being tested to see if they can be made better by Shaun & his Students.