Wednesday 24 August 2011

Ash Miah - Silat Buka Lingkaran - World Fighting for Lives Weekend 2011

Ash Miah was introduced to the martial arts at a young age watching movies such as “America Ninja”, “Enter the Dragon” and his favourite “The Karate Kid” and other numerous titles. As a child he was always interested in learning martial arts but not had the opportunity until his early twenties during that time he had learnt his moves through these films, which luckily helped him out of certain situations.

He happened to stumble across Pencak Silat being practised in the room next door during one of his Kali Illustrismo lesson and was very intrigued watching his first teacher training Pencak Silat. His first impression was “what are these strange moves?” he later on got invited to his first class and was hooked from then on. Outside of Pencak Silat his only background in martial arts has been Kali Illustrisimo, which he had only been practising for a few months.

Over the years, Ash has covered the Silat Buka Lingkaran (the name that it was changed to) syllabus from the ground to upright and has grasped an understanding of the uniqueness this art has to offer and above all prepare you as an individual for all aspect of self-defence both physically or mentally.

Having had numerous Silat teachers each of them blessing him with their knowledge and wisdom, has helped Ash develop in SBL. He gives credit to all of his teachers and one in particular because he has enabled him to develop and continue to evolve to this day.