Wednesday 11 July 2012

For Ghanan Street Children and Orphans, April 2012 - Richard and Lori Crabbe De-Bordes, Fighting for Lives

As part of the outreach programme of Fighting For Lives Ghana (G36,543) in collaboration with Fighting For Lives (203.855), a courtesy visit led by Mrs Lori Crabbe De Bordes was paid to The Teshie Orphanage of Accra Ghana. An Orphanage with over 100 children from age 6 months to under 20 years. We were received warmly by Mrs Janet Parker (founder) and some of the children, and we had the opportunity to discuss further help they may need in future. 

On behalf of the entire Teshie Orphanage, Fighting For Lives Ghana would like to thank Master Parvez Alam Phd and Fighting For Lives World (203.855) for their tremendous contribution. 

APPRECIATION To: Fighting For Lives Ghana rep: GM Richard & Mrs Lori Crabbe De Bordes The Entire Home of TESHIE ORPHANAGE greatly appreciate your interest and assistance through your generous donation of food items, money, toiletries etc. which we consider a deed worthy of remembrance and emulation.