Monday 5 November 2012

For the Street Children of Indonesia - Parvez Alam, Fighting for Lives (October2012)

Included in this blog is a summary of our progress for street kids in Jakarta and Yogyakarta in October 2012. Special thanks go to Fighting for Lives Indonesia - Chico, Ade, Dhanur and Syifa for helping make things easy for me when I came over! Unfortunately I never had time to go to Sumatra this time, but I will in 2013, since we still have projects to complete over there.

OK, so I was actually on a research trip to Indonesia so I didn't have alot of time on my hands. If it weren't for the help I got from my friends over there for the Fighting for Lives work, it'd have been tricky to fit everything into a few days... which is how it went.



I met up with Chico and Ade and we decided that our main goals this visit would be to solidify the Fighting for Lives medical clinic in Jakarta, located at Nurani Insani. We put in 6 million Rupiah and now our clinic for street kids is open until November 2013. One of Chico's friends also donated a bed for the clinic - awesome!

Above is the Fighting for Lives medical clinic for street children! We have student doctors from the university coming to help out 3-4 times a week at our clinic.

Our continuation plans include purchasing our own ambulance so that street children with particular bad conditions can be easily transported to our clinic. We also took the children living under the bridge out for a meal since there wasn't much time to do so much else this time... but rest assured, Fighting for Lives Indonesia are still providing regular activities to these and other street children through our safe houses.

Before leaving Jakarta, I left Fighting for Lives Indonesia with another 13.7 million Rupiah, which will be used in continuation projects for the street children there, including to begin with - providing medicines to our clinic and other essentials for their education including equipment and shoes etc.



There were two main plans for Yogyakarta this year. The first was to build a library for the children living by the riverside and the victims of the Marapi volcano. The second was to provide school shoes to 59 children at a school in Blora who have had problems with foot sores and wounding through either (a) not having shoes or (b) having shows that are so worn that they cut into the feet.

As regards the library purchases. We put in 1,793,455 Rupiah into buying books for academic education towards the library. There is more needed for the library but that I didn't have time to purchase myself so I left Dhanur with 7 million rupiah for the rest of the book purchases, painting tools, tripod, white board, cupboards/shelves for the books and tools, encyclopedias, stationary etc. 

For the school kids shoes in Blora, we bought 59 pairs of shoes that we expect will last a long time. The total cost for these shoes came to 4,784,100 Rupiah. Dhanur and Syifa tooks the shoes themselves to this school after I left. The trip was around 10 hours which is why I didn't have time on this occasion to join them. Enjoy the rest of the pictures and keep supporting!