Thursday 9 July 2009

Silat Training and Orphanage Work, Malaysia 2009 - Dr. Parvez Alam, Fighting for Lives

Some of the martial arts seminars we have done in Finland this year, raising money for children in need, have been leading up to this. In June 2009 I visited 4 orphanages in Malaysia to make donations of high nutrition foods, basic foods, educational material (maths, language and story books), money for building repair and re-equipping orphanages with materials. I received help from so many people for which I am eternally grateful. Many of those who helped were martial arts Masters of the indigenous South East Asian silat styles. I had the opportunity to train a few styles of silat arts while there as well as spend time with at a couple of the orphanages having fun with the kids and teaching them silat in a fun and productive manner. Orphanages in Malaysia depend a great deal on public support and it was nothing short of an honour to spend our time and money helping out as best we could. Kids that are supported in these children's homes include orphans, street/homeless kids, children from problem homes and children whose parents cannot support them financially. This video is a short 'memory' of the orphanage work and silat training that I was involved with while over there. It also double up to raise incentive for other martial artists to get involved and join our seminars.

Track: Tracy Chapman - Dreaming on a World