Saturday 23 January 2010

Kenyan Street Kids Project - Joel Songok, Fighting for Lives

In December 2009, we held a couple of martial arts seminars in support of Kenyan street kids. Working together with local rehabilitation centres for street kids, we donated food and educational material in early 2010.This is the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing project, aimed at giving Kenyan street kids the chance for a better future. The children that are enrolled into the Berur centre in Kenya, are those that have been found on the streets. Many of these children have contracted diseases and are HIV positive. This is an unfortunate consequence of rape and sexual abuse. The children entering the centre are often psychologically disturbed and at times violent and uncontrollable. Many of them are addicted to drugs. Children coming into the Berur facility often do so in a state of terrible distress and are frequently malnourished. Counciling, feeding, educating and facilitating these children is of paramount importance at the Berur facility. Great efforts are made to help children continue life with a positive outlook, and to forget the harsh realities they have been subjected to. Greater financial input is required for extensions and betterment of the facility. Our aim at Fighting for Lives is to support Berur in as much as we can and help them build a stronger and more secure rehabilitation centre for street kids. We will do so by continuing to organise and hold martial arts events Every penny we raise is used directly in buying food, clothes, books and for building reparation. No money is used for administrative costs since everyone involved works voluntarily. We aim over the next few years to help Berur build a fully functional library for Kenyan street kids. Our belief is that we can have fun pursuing the hobbies we enjoy, and concurrently help children have a better future. To fulfil this objective we rely on your support. Join us in our seminars and join the ever growing global community that is Fighting for Lives.