Sunday 8 August 2010

Malaysia orphanage visits July 2010 - Luke Holloway, Fighting for Lives

Our martial arts brother Luke Holloway, founder of Raw Combat International travelled to Malaysia in July 2010 to continue the Fighting for Lives orphanage work over there. Orphanages in Malaysia actually consist, not only of orphans, but also of street kids, rejected kids, children subjected to physical abuse etc etc. What you see below is some footage of what went on over there.... the page will be updated as more video footage and photos come through.

The video that follows is an orphanage Luke visited Shah Alam. This orphanage was founded by a British couple 5 years ago. Mr Khalid Shah was who works at this orphanage took Luke to the other places that really needed help. As you can see, this place is doing really well and gets a lot of support. That's why donations were saved for the other places who are really desperate for help.

Looking around the excellent Shah Alam Orphanage before heading to Klang

The following video provides information regarding the orphanages that Mr. Shah too Luke to, and how the kids are helped in these places.

Conversing with Mr. Shah about the orphanages in Klang that they were visiting

Further details regarding what the 31 kids need at the first of the 2 Klang orphanages that we support, are shown in the following video. Transportation is a big must, not only for getting the kids to school, but also for when they become ill and need to go to the hospital. Proper fans to keep the heat levels down. Tables for studying. There is not much room in this place.... every little helps!

First Klang Orphanage Visit.. this place needs support!!

800RM was budgeted and given in support of the 2nd orphanage in Klang. This following video is intended to raise awareness and support. As always, more support is required.

Visit to second orphanage in Klang

The money raised for this trip came from a seminar Luke held in Japan during the 2009 World Fighting for Lives Weekend (see clip below):

First orphanage in Klang

Second orphanage in Klang
First orphanage in Gombak

Second orphanage in Gombak

1st orphanage in Ipoh

2nd orphanage in Ipoh