Thursday 18 August 2011

Guru Simon Das - Silat Kesateria - World Fighting for Lives Weekend

Kesateria Martial Arts Fraternity UK Founded by Mr Simon Das is a collection of like-minded martial artists coming together in a spirit of peace,unity and friendship and Brotherhood without the politics .We are working together to doing joint seminars & demonstrations to raise funds for worthwhile charitys and for the BENEFIT of the community at large.

Kesateria Martial Arts Fraternity UK To promote and introduce the diversed culture and heritage of Asia and its historical significance in the Southeast Asia region.

To welcome everyone regardless of gender, style, race, religion, rank, etc, as long as they have the mind-set to reach their goals and the positive aims of learning and sharing martial arts.

To work to ensure Asian martial arts remains a vital and progressive culture by regularly organizing educational seminars and workshops and charity events .

To create a positive impact and empower massive amounts of peoples lives with the benefits of martial arts training.

To commit to create a better world filled with tolerance, confidence, health, happiness, peace, and harmony built from a unique blend of old traditional and modern day martial arts training. Studying the best martial art skills and life science skills from everyone we meet.

To keep open minds and encourage thoughtful discussion and respect among all members of our diverse schools, family and community.

Martial arts in its truest form is to combat the self which is our own ego. This is the greatest opponent.