Tuesday 21 June 2011

Dr. Parvez Alam - Fighting for Lives - World Fighting for Lives

Hi, my name is Parvez and I am the founder and current Chair Person of Fighting for Lives (Reg. No. 203.855 - FINLAND). I started this idea in 2005, just wanting to do something more useful in this world and with my life.... so I hooked up with a few friends and started teaching South East Asian martial arts. Back then, each time we trained or held a seminar we would each put some money into a charity box for some of the bigger children's charity organisations.

A few years ago, we decided to actively start working on our own charity projects. We started off small but things have grown immensely over the last years and now we have projects for street children and orphans ongoing and in planning in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ghana, Malaysia and Indonesia... and to top it off now Fighting for Lives is organising the World's BIGGEST martial arts event to help fund those projects. I really never expected things to get so big so fast and am forever grateful to the many martial artists and individuals who are continuously helping to make things happen.

As for myself I enjoy training a number of different arts and systems. These include Filipino arts, Silat, Capoeira, Raw Combat and Piper... I'm also very stoked to have been accepted as an instructor in Raw Combat and I'm also having alot of fun with that. My general principles in life are "have fun and help others" - I keep things simple and try to make the most of life, for myself, my family and the kids we're trying to help.

At Fighting for Lives we have no "massive overhead costs" as exist in larger charity organisations. We are all unpaid volunteer workers with our own jobs and lives, but we're all happy to put in our extra time, money and effort to make change happen for street children and orphans. I hope you'll support us in every way you can!!