Tuesday 21 June 2011

Lionel Nyamayaro - Traditional Chinese Martial Arts - World Fighting for Lives Weekend 2011

My name is Lionel Nyamayaro i am from Harare Zimbabwe. I work as a martial art instructor teaching traditional Chinese Martial arts here in the UK. I am fortunate enough to have experienced a variety of martial arts with amazing teachers of high skill level.

I am an exponent of muay thai kickboxing, hung gar kuen( hung family fist.), dit ngau tong long (iron ox praying mantis) and shaolin ba hei ngor chor ( shaolin white crane 5 ancestors.) I have been training in the martial arts for 15 years stemming from my school days doing judo, boxing and muay thai.

Coming from Africa i am more than aware of the plight of street kids as a family member of mine was one and unfortunately died trying to survive on the streets. Its a hardlife that leaves them exposed to dark elements in the forms of dealers, traffickers of all sorts and disease. Their childhood is robbed of them and feel it close to my heart as i miss my cousin dearly. I was too younger to do anything then but would like to do something now.

I have no money in kind but i have invested many hours to develop these skills God has allowed me to accumulate and brought me in touch with many kind loving people on this path. Now it is coming full circle with FFL.