Wednesday 24 August 2011

Keith Widdows - Silat Buka Lingkaran - World Fighting for Lives Weekend 2011

Keith has over 30 years experience in the Martial Arts. He started training in Judo aged 4 and by his mid teens was teaching or training in amongst others; JuJutsu, Aikido, Kickboxing, Ninjutsu and Boxing.

At the age of 15 Keith started to train in a family system called “Munen Muso Ryu” which translates as “The school of no design, no preconception”. This system was made up from lots of principles, concepts and training methods from arts which included; The Filipino Martial Arts, Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Karate and Sicilian Fencing to name but a few. While training in MMR Keith was introduced to some much more specialised and unheard of Arts like Bando from Burma, and Silat from Indonesia.

Keith started to specialise in The Filipino Martial Arts and continued to study and teach throughout his military career.

In 2003, while training, someone told him to go to London and check out this art called “Walisongo Pencak Silat”. Having trained in some Silat many years before he knew that he had to go and see for himself. Straight away Keith new this was the Art he had been looking for all these years. While training in Walisongo, Keith was consolidating all his teaching and training into one syllabus in which to teach, this was called “Core Arts”.

The more Keith trained in Walisongo the more Core Arts became Walisongo until Keith decided to leave Core Arts behind and concentrate his teaching in what had now become “Silat Buka Lingkaran”

Sunday 13th at 11.00 till 15.00
at The New Park Centre, Chichester,
West Sussex PO19 7XY.