Wednesday 24 August 2011

Simon Edwards - Silat Buka Lingkaran - World Fighting for Lives Weekend 2011

Simon Edwards’s first introduction to martial arts like most people is via joining a Karate Club at a local community centre. He then went on to try Kick Boxing for a few years but felt quite disillusioned by the whole process of the grading system and lack of spiritual fulfilment, which led him to train and practise on his own. After some time he tried his hand on Tai Chi for a few years in the hope of finding something spiritual with more internal training.

In 2004 Simon followed Jeet Kune Do route and learnt about the Filipino arts of Kali and Escrima. Within this time he also trained in Ju Jitsu and Pencak Silat an art that dealt with multiple attackers. From 2005 and onwards Simon was completely taken by Pencak Silat after attending a seminar in Birmingham where he first met Alvin Guinanao, Steve Benitez and some of the senior students. Very impressed with what he saw he started learning from that day onwards.

During 2005 Simon travelled to London’s EastWest Studios and the Bob Sykes Black Belt Academy for the Silat seminars. Over time he got to know Alvin better and began training private lessons, as well as this Simon also attended the group Saturday classes and the teacher training days at EastWest Studios.
In March 2010 Simon opened his first Pencak Silat School in Lichfield.