Sunday 5 June 2011

Jimmy Sjökvist - Swe Combatives - World Fighting for Lives Weekend 2011

My name is Jimmy Sjokvist, one of the instructors from the Swe Combatives group. I have studied martial arts for over 15 years now. My goal was never to get a belt or a rank, but about inner peace and knowledge.

Since I have worked the last 14 years within psychiatry, last 5 years at our local Forensic Psychiatry ward, I have gone from competition training and martial arts to more direct self protection training and combatives.

My martial journey started with Karate and moved on to Ju Jutsu, where I today hold a 2 Dan blackbelt and have been an instructor for over 10 years. I used to do lots of Judo and Kickboxing back in the day, But my line of work drove me in to self protection training more and more.

I started studying Krav Maga in 2003 alongside my Jujutsu and that changed a lot for me. My eyes opened up to new ways of doing and thinking. At the same time more and more styles started around my area so I started, more focused, looking to find the thing for me. I trained Aikido, BJJ and ValeTudo for the fun of it, tried Kali, Jim Wagners RBPP and a bunch of systems. I always kept to my Ju Jutsu as a point of reference I guess.

2007 I started training Dynamic Shooting and competing in IPSC. This to get a better understanding of the tactics and mechanics of the gun. I today train with some of Europe's top shooters and instructors.

In 2008 I teamed up with my Kickboxing Instructor and good friend Sasa Petrovic and we started the Raw Combat Silat training after we meet with Luke Holloway. Luke showed us many new ways of training and we completed our first instructor course in 2009.

Also in 2009 I found the AMOK!-system and trained with Tom Sortis and Mattias Persson for the first time.
Me and Mattias has since then been friends and he is now my mentor within the AMOK! as I join them on the journey to experience and learn about the blade.